Welcome to my little portfolio

So, yeah - I've been busy over the last 6 years. Working at Xerox has afforded me opportunities that I never could have foreseen. Exposure to new technologies, complex development environments, living in another country for a little while, and some very interesting cross-functional and cross-organizational projects - all in a day's work at a Fortune 500 technology corporation.

I've also been active in the non-corporate web development sphere, with the odd freelance project I have time for. Not to mention the personal (fun) stuff that allows me to explore new things I learn.

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To be honest - this is not my design, but I managed to execute just about all of it via some of the most advanced stylesheet work on the Xerox site. I had about 2 week's notice.

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Xerox Support

For quite a while, the experience for the Xerox support site (both internal and external facing) was my responsibility. This part of the xerox.com site is actually surprisingly large in scope and function.

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Xerox Blogs

For the most part, the design assets for this site existed already, my part in developing this site involved creating a WordPress (and later WordPress MU) template set and theme for a specialized corporate blog experience. This site is very new to the Xerox family (only a few weeks old as of June 2007)

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I really wish I could show the interactive part of this, alas it is tucked safely behind a firewall. This web-based application uses the visitor's browser as a proxy between a networked printer/multifunction device and the Xerox knowledge base, and uses the connection to troubleshoot printer problems.

Customer Support Training

The coolest thing about these support training pieces isn't the interface, it's actually how we automated the production of them. I also revamped the delivery mechanism (a website) to make it more inline with the Xerox corporate style.

Printer Manager

I included this because it represents the design of a mixed web/desktop application. This application would be installed along with the printer driver, providing an interface to documentation, device status, and just-in-time troubleshooting.

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Knowlton Guitars

Mark Knowlton makes fine instruments as a hobby, until he eventually realized that he really didn't need 30 of them sitting in his garage. So, he enlisted me to help showcase and sell them!

This site features a simple design and high quality photographs of the products

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Last Days

An older site, but one I still like to look at from time to time. This is (was) the official site for the band in the UK

Other Freelance Work

I've had a hand in the development of several other sites as well:

JournalismJobs.com - design/css help and ColdFusion templates
eNeuralNet - design and programming
channelynx (no longer active) - site and application design

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My House

So that friends and family can keep track of the destruction I wreak upon my living spaces

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Savoy - The Art of Aubrey Beardsley

I figured that my favorite artist deserved a worthy shrine. So I built one.

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My personal site is scandalously out of date, and often childish in tone, but still manages to pull in visitors somehow

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Knotty Disco

One of my friends spins down at a local club, and he asked me for some ideas for his site. So, I took the graphics he had and repurposed them into a mockup or two.


I designed and built a path and fence in my backyard. I thought they turned out pretty cool considering I'd never attempted either before.

Earlier Work

My web career didn't start at Xerox, check out my old portfolio!